Project Specs
Completion date:



49,800 sq ft


14.7 million

Open Roads Elementary School

This new k-8 school replaced and consolidated three existing older school buildings in the Dryden area. Located on the site of one of the three schools to be closed, the new building had to be planned to ensure that the existing school remained operational throughout construction.

The new school is planned around a main floor, centrally located student commons which also establishes east and west wings separating the primary and middle years students. Physically and visually connected to the exterior, the commons acts as a social and educational hub for the school and is adjacent and visually connected to the main activity areas of the school (i.e. gym, drama classroom, library, etc.) as well as the general office for supervision. Designed to a LEED silver standard, the building incorporates numerous sustainable design features.  Acknowledging that 50% of the school population consists of First Nations students, several design features incorporate subtle references to First Nations culture and traditions that can be utilized as teaching tools.