Project Specs
Completion date:



63,325 sq ft


$25.98 million

University of Manitoba: Tache Hall Addition

The Tache Hall Music Addition is the third phase of the redevelopment of Tache Hall into the University of Manitoba’s Music, Art and Theatre Complex. Phase 1 saw the construction of the new ART Lab building with Phase 2 being the interior renovation of Tache Hall into the Faculty of Music and School of Art. The Music Addition provides the Faculty with all of the large and acoustically sensitive rehearsal spaces required for orchestral, opera, vocal, jazz and electro-acoustic uses. These rehearsal spaces are all acoustically-isolated from each other and from adjacent common areas to avoid sound transfer. They have also been designed to provide proper sound attenuation for the musicians performing within them. The Addition is interconnected to Tache Hall and opens onto the ART Lab plaza to the east. This Addition is also ready to receive the future Concert Hall on its west end.