Project Specs
Completion date:



34,410 sq ft


$12.2 million

Watrous Health Services Redevelopment Project

This new 43 bed Long Term Care facility located in Watrous, Saskatchewan,  is linked to an existing hospital and reflects Saskatchewan Healths Vision for creating caring environments that nurture the holistic well- being of residents.

Three self-contained homes of 14 “ 15 residents are similar in  design  to assist residential care staff as well as being self-contained for support services and activities of daily living.  Nursing centres and kitchen spaces were planned to allow enhanced supervision.

The shared, secure outdoor space between the homes reinforces the concept of a residential community and residents are also able to meet in a centrally shared multipurpose room and hair salon.

The design embodies Saskatchewan Healths Patient First philosophy for the frail and elderly, by utilizing a residential character and aesthetic.  This building’s durability, performance and building envelope integrity were crucial in creating a sustainable building.