Selkirk Regional Health Centre Nearing Completion


After nearly 2 years in construction, LM Architectural Group is excited to announce that this major project is now almost complete.

The planning and design was a true partnership of all stakeholders from the very beginning. It required a personal and professional commitment from the users, an innovative consultant team guiding the process, and a willingness amongst all to listen to each other.

When we began, this ambitious project had very simple objectives – Design for People; All-inclusive Stakeholder Participation; Achieve Performance Directed Design; and Collaboration with Contractors during Construction.

The design of the centre was guided by Key Principles:

Achieving these objectives is near! The project was sequentially tendered with the piling foundation, followed by the super structure tendering and construction commencing in summer 2014. The Selkirk Regional Health Center is now targeted for completion in late 2016, with occupancy and service to Selkirk and the surrounding communities anticipated in 2017.

See the project page for more information here.

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