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For this edition of the LM Architectural Group/Environmental Space Planning (LMAG/ESP) Newsletter, it seemed appropriate to focus on one of the firms’ largest projects - the expansion and renovation of the Winnipeg Convention Centre. We believe that the new building, in addition to being a major contributor to downtown Winnipeg’s burgeoning spirit of urban renewal, will attract tens of thousands of visitors each year who will see first-hand why National Geographic Travel picked Winnipeg as one of its top 20 destinations in the world. We hope that you enjoy the story.

Grey Cup Inaugural Event in RBC CC City View Room a Huge Success

The Germ of an Idea
The Design/Build Team
The Program
Design Challenges

While as a city we collectively lamented the 2014/15 season for our Winnipeg Blue Bombers, there was still reason to celebrate: the November 28 Grey Cup party, the inaugural event was held in the new City View Room of the expanded RBC Convention Centre (RBC CC). Although still three months from total completion, the expansion project achieved substantial performance on October 30, 2015 allowing the Grey Cup event to take place in the premier space of the RBC CC. Judging by the response of the participants and feedback from the event organizers, the sold out event was a huge success that showcased the new facility and what it can mean to the City of Winnipeg in terms of attracting and hosting other world class events.

The RBC Convention Centre expansion project is the culmination of a 16 year odyssey that LM Architectural Group has helped to shepherd, from the germ of an idea to the building that we see today spanning across York Avenue. Starting in 2000, our firm was retained by the RBC CC to develop the program, planning and design for the expansion project. Completed on time and on budget, the $180M, 360,000 square foot addition and renovation project is now the fourth largest facility of its kind in Canada, allowing Winnipeg to compete on the international stage in terms of attracting and hosting major conventions to our city.

Mega-projects don’t just happen; they are carefully cultivated from the initial perception of need to the reality of execution. Terry Danelley was the Design Principal of the LM/Number Ten Architectural Groups Joint Venture team with LMN Architects from Seattle and has worked with the Convention Centre since 2000 to make this game changing project happen in our downtown. He has provided insight into the history of the project and the design challenges faced by the design build team.

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Henderson Business Centre Opens Its Doors

On August 24, 2015 the Henderson Business Centre (HBC) opened its doors for business. This 30,000 square foot retail and professional office building elevates the typical suburban “strip mall” typology, seeking to prove that through good design, there can be value in differentiation. Read more →

Univeristy of Manitoba ART Lab exterior
Charleswood Library interior

Awards Update

On October 15, 2015 LM Architectural Group and Environmental Space Planning received two awards in recognition of design excellence. The ART Lab Building at the University of Manitoba received a Premier’s Award for Design Excellence. That same evening we received an Access Award of Excellence in Universal Design and Accessibility for the Charleswood Public Library. Read more →

Terry Danelley Recognized for 25 Years in the U of M Career Mentor Program

On November 13, 2015 Terry was recognized in the UM Today News as part of the 25 Mentors in 25 Days series. Terry has been a volunteer in the mentorship program for over 25 years, offering counsel and advice to the next generation of architects.
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