Project Specs
Completion date:

August 2015


30,140 sq ft


$5.4 millon

755hbc Henderson Business Centre

The three storey, 30,000, square foot Henderson Business Centre seeks to differentiate itself from the un-urban strip mall that characterizes so many of Winnipeg’s major thoroughfares. Divided into two wings separated by an atrium, the building’s variety of different leasing options – ranging from 1,000 square feet to 4,800 square feet – demonstrates that speculative development need not be divorced from urban context, experience, or expression.  Reimagining the typology as a vertical arrangement, rather than hiding behind surface parking or frugal landscaping the main level engages directly with the street, accommodating retail, hospitality and personal service functions. A large terrace attracts food and beverage operators, leading directly to the main entry atrium where a landscaped garden greets the visitor. The second and third floors feature light-filled, spacious interiors that interact with both highway in front and neighborhood behind – at once signpost, screen, and mediator. Economically detailed, the building presents a robust urban edge, defining with plazas, fencing, and planting a variety of visual, spatial, and experiential conditions. It’s of a scale that can be registered while driving by, and a filter to the finer filigree of residential homes just beyond. It’s a strip mall mature and fully grown, confident and forward looking. The project hopes to set a precedent which may precipitate future speculative development that is likewise conscious of its role within both neighborhood and city – a message to its anemic and dis-interested retail cousins that there is value in differentiation.