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Project Specs
Completion date:

2016 est.


11,750 sq ft


$49.6 million

Park Manor Personal Care Home

Park Manor Care has a strong commitment to the community of Transcona and prides themselves on connectivity with Transcona residents. There are many families that have been part of Park Manor care over multiple generations as residents, staff and volunteers. As the need for more long term care spaces in Transcona grew, Park Manor Care was excited to develop a new bed tower addition for 120 more residents in their campus of care.

The new building connects to the existing two buildings on site through a concourse walkway that links all three building. This concourse provides a centralized entry, key social functions and a unified delivery of services for the whole campus. The upper four floors are divided into 10 and 20 resident “neighbourhoods” each with their own dining and lounges. These neighborhoods help promote a home like environment with social groupings that are sized appropriately for social engagement and resident activity. With a desire to facilitate social support from families and friends the project has provided alcoves and lounges where residents and family can visit. Also the main floor and concourse have a café, family dining room for special events and even a laundry room where the domestic activity of cleaning clothes can become a social interaction with residents and their families.

As a facet of Park Manor’s commitment to the environment, the project is targeting LEED silver. Some of the environmental features of the project are: a high performance building envelope and heat recovery technology to improve energy usage, improved indoor air quality through VOC products and a 100% outdoor air HVAC system, and the use of LED lighting throughout.