Residential & Long Term Care

Project Specs
Completion date:



53,000 sq ft


$18.0 million


2014 Masonry Design Award of Excellence

SERDC Aboriginal Personal Care Home

This 80 bed, one storey, long term care facility has been designed around a concept of a culturally familiar home within the Aboriginal community which respects the needs and on-going involvement of elders in the life of their families and community.

Residents are accommodated in eight “houses” of 10 beds each with shared outdoor courtyards, planned around a circular, central core of communal and public areas which incorporates an adult day program and a multifunctional central gathering space.

The design also reflects the Aboriginal respect for nature and the environment through the use of natural materials, indigenous Tyndal stone, and wood.

Using the Integrated Design Process, this project is registered for LEED Silver certification.