Residential & Long Term Care

Project Specs
Completion date:



76,532 sq ft


$32.7 million

Tabor Home Personal Care Home

The facility consists of four – 20 bed LTC houses and one – 20 bed supportive housing unit designed for older adults with complex long term care health needs. The design incorporated many sustainable design features through an interactive design process with stakeholders. The primary planning and design achievements included:

  • Creating a residential living environment;
  • Designing client-centered spaces;
  • Designing for access to social support from families and friends;
  • Designing self-contained units that share support, and administrative spaces.
  • Planning and designing dynamic and static security measures and systems to protect clients and staff
  • Providing ample natural light and access to secure outdoor green space;
  • Designing spaces that permit maximum freedom of movement within a given unit, and a minimum of restricted areas throughout the facility;
  • Planning circulation systems that facilitate wayfinding, and the efficient movement of people and materials.
  • Create efficiencies to optimize the flow of people, information and materials